Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Googly Eye Valentine's Cards

Since I'm crafty, i figured why bother buying my kids Valentine's Cards for their class this year, i will just make them. I searched pinterest for cute ideas and came across ones that had glasses on them and then you stuck google eyes from the craft store on the lenses and it said "I have my eyes on you." They were darling but the person was charging like $6 for the digital design. I also liked some others I saw with Valentine's jokes on them and I know how much kids like jokes- so I thought I'd design my own and incorporate the two themes. Even better, I'll put the jpeg up here so you can just right click, save it as a picture, then print out and attach the googly eyes yourself!

I didn't want them all to have the same joke, so i made 4 versions. Here are the files-  (without the eyes of course).