Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Invitation to Disney World


I am always planning my next Disney vacation.  Even if I don't have a trip booked I still follow all the deals, news, and promotions because we just never know when we will decide to go.  My kids often hear Sherrie and I discussing our future (and often non-existent) Disney plans so I am not sure I will never be able to pull off a surprise trip.  My husband is a huge supporter of my Disney World addiction so he doesn't mind our conversations or the research.
 My husband and I have decided to take a (sort of) last minute trip to Disney World and we thought that since we didn't have to keep it a secret very long maybe... just maybe... we could keep it a secret.  Well, it is killing me!  I am so excited for my youngest to go because he is FINALLY tall enough to ride Star Tours!  He has been begging to ride it forever!  I have decided to send a letter to the house from Mickey Mouse inviting the boys to come for a visit.  They are going to be SO excited!

To print the image, right click on it and save it as a picture.  Then select size to print.

After we gave them the letter from Mickey, they immediately wanted to head there but they settled for just dressing up for a bit!

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