Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Halloween Crafts

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I wanted to make some crafts with supplies that I already had, but since I LOVE the craft store I decided I was willing to buy a few things to complete them.  I ended up spending less than $6.00 and made these cute decorations.  Get creative and have FUN!  Oh and drink a bottle of wine while you do it... you will need an empty bottle!

Supplies I Bought:
  • $1.99 Bag of Google Eyes (the one that comes with a variety of sizes)
  • $1.00 Small Wood Frame
  • $0.45 Letters E E K
  • $1.00 Small Chalkboard Frame
  • $0.99 Sparkly Tree Branch
  • $0.49 White Crepe Paper
Total $5.92

Supplies I Had on Hand:
  • Wine Bottle
  • Purple Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Orange Paint
  • White Paint
  • Scrap Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Random Jars
  • White Chalk
  • Spider Sticker 
  • Spider Web Place Mat
  • Tape
** You can use what ever color paint you have on hand or you can buy acrylic paint for about $0.59 each.

EEK Googly Eye Picture Frame
First I painted the picture frame a lime green color and the letters orange.  After they dried, I attached the piece of ribbon, letters, and googly eyes with glue.  Last, I added a SUPER cute picture of my son in his Halloween costume!

The Witch is IN Chalkboard
First I painted the chalkboard purple and let it dry.  I lightly wrote on the chalkboard in pencil what I wanted it to say so that I had a guide.  Then I used white paint (you could use the chalk) to trace the writing. I actually glued the piece of chalk to the frame because the witch is ALWAYS in!  Next I added a piece of scrap ribbon and a Halloween sticker.  Last I dipped my finger lightly into the black paint and gently rubbed it in to the frame to give it more of a worn look.  

Mummy Jars
I chose three different sizes of jars.  A jelly jar, an olive jar, and a quart size Mason jar.  First I took a very long piece of the white crepe paper and crumbled it up just a little bit to give it a more mummy like look.  Then I just began wrapping it around until it was all covered.  I taped down the ends and even tied on a few extra pieces.  Last I glued on a pair of googly eyes.  I plan on placing FLAMELESS tea lights in them to let them glow at night.  
Now that you have finished that bottle of wine you can stick the sparkly glitter branch in it and your display is complete!

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