Monday, January 21, 2013

Who Wants To Be A Jedi?

Who hasn't dreamed about having Jedi powers and using a lightsaber as a kid?  During our latest trip to Disney World in 2012, our son Evan was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios.  I used my iPhone 5 to take some video of the training and did a little editing to keep it short.  This is a MUST DO activity for anyone that is in to Star Wars, but it is a very popular attraction so here is my tip to make sure that your son or daughter gets to participate in this Jedi right of passage.

Top Tip:  Arrive at least 45 minutes before Hollywood Studios open with your running shoes on.  Make sure that you have the young Jedi with you that want to participate(ages 4-12 can participate) in Jedi Training Academy.  Once they open the gates go directly to the ABC Sound Studio to register your Jedi not the Jedi Training Academy stage.

After you're done battling Darth Vader with your newly learned force powers, you can make your way to the Tatooine Traders gift shop to build your own custom lightsaber or you can choose to build one from your favorite character.