Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snowman Hat Centerpiece

 I enjoy being crafty with items I already have in the house because let's face it, being crafty can be expensive.  Using leftover supplies from previous projects and repurposing other items is a great way to keep costs down.  This project didn't cost me a penny because I had everything already.  Work with what you have at home, here are my basic instructions.

  • Coffee Can
  • Black Plate or Charger
  • Black Spray paint
  • Red Ribbon
  • A Small handful of fake snow
  • A Sprig of Holly
Spray paint empty coffee can and plate (or charger) with black spray paint.  Let it dry.  Tie a piece of red ribbon around the coffee can.  Set can on plate.  I did not attach the can to the plate because I wanted to be able to take it apart for easy storing.  Tuck a piece of holly into the ribbon and sprinkle a little bit of fake snow on it.  That's it, easy peasy!
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