Friday, July 12, 2013

Nathan's DINO-MITE Birthday!

ROAR!!! Nathan is FOUR!!!  Planning birthday parties for my boys is fun and it gives me time to reflect on how much they have grown in the past year.  I feel like 3-4 was a huge change.  Nathan became so much more independent.  I want to keep him little forever, but time flies so I must make the most of every single moment.  

To make the cupcake toppers I simply used some dinosaur stickers, card stock, paper punches, glue, and toothpicks.  First cut the paper shapes.  Then glue the toothpick between the two pieces of card stock.  Last put the sticker on one side and insert them into cupcakes.

We welcomed our guests with GIANT dinosaur tracks that led to the door and inside to the party. 


We had purchased some new patio furniture a few weeks before, so I had lots of card board to work with.  With a couple bottles of acrylic paint (two colors of green and 1 brown) I was able to create some foot prints (both big and small) and a couple of dinosaurs to decorate with.  You could also use brown wrapping paper or paper bags.  Both of those would be much easier to cut out compared to the cardboard.  The cardboard was very durable, but my hand was a little sore after.


In addition to using as floor and wall decoration, you could use the footprints as place mats.
 I got out some green sand buckets and some other random green serving bowls/platters.  They were perfect for our snacks of goldfish, pretzels, cheese cubes, grapes, dinosaur chicken nuggets, and of course cupcakes!
 While painting the cardboard, I also painted the kiddos names and dino prints on brown lunch bags.  The goody bags each had a Dinosaur Egg and some Fossil Cookies to take home.
 Check out how to make the Dinosaur Eggs HERE
 A simple "Happy Birthday" banner and some green and yellow crepe paper completed the decorations.
 The plastic dinosaurs of the boys, and the fossils we made added a little more decoration to the table.
 Click HERE to see how the Boys and I made the Fossils
The Birthday Party was a HUGE success and EVERYONE had a great time, 
especially the BIRTHDAY BOY!

And here's the invitation we sent out. You can purchase it in our Etsy shop here.

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