Saturday, January 11, 2014

Whisper Phone Reading Tool

My oldest son is in first grade and is progressing into a great reader, but it isn't coming super easy to him.  His teacher has given us lots of suggestions as to how to improve his skills.  One of her suggestions was a Whisper Phone.  Of course I had no idea what a Whisper Phone was, she showed me an example of one that she uses in her classroom. I tested it out and it was pretty darn cool.  The children have time each day for independent reading and at this age it is best done aloud.  Everyday they spread out around the classroom and read out loud.  It is a little loud and chaotic to have 25 students all reading out loud at the same time, so when she mentioned that she would love a classroom set of these I completely understood why.  This weekend my husband made one for us and a classroom set of 30 for the teacher.  Now the kids can whisper read to themselves into their phone.  They still get the benefits of being able to hear what they are reading as they work on fluency and pronunciation.

These Whisper Phones are really easy to make and cost about a dollar a piece.

  • A 4.5" Piece of 3/4" PVC Pipe (Home Depot Model SKU #22075- this is a 2 ft piece)
  • 2- 3/4" PVC Elbows (Home Depot model# 406-007HC or Store SKU# 187976)
Simply cut the pipe to 4.5 inches and then attach the elbows to both ends.  The phone can easily  be decorated to personalize.  I love how easy they are to clean, just put them in a sink of bleach water to sanitize.
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