Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am a PROUD Mommy!

Now that both of my boys are in school, they both bring home lots of projects and assignments that make me SUPER proud. I want them to know how proud of them I am, so I have decided that I am going to create a better way to display their prize pieces. In the past, I have taped them to the kitchen cabinets, hung them on our (teeny tiny) bulletin board, and hung them on a magnet board in the play room. I have seen lots of ideas that involve framing the item, collecting to put in a scrapbook, or taking pictures of the pieces to compile for a photo book. I love the idea of being able to EASILY change out and showcase a new piece. So I decided to to make a couple of cork board frames to hang in the kitchen. Since almost anyone that comes over will see them I wanted them to look tasteful as well. I bought a roll of cork from my local craft store and I used two black 11X14 frames that I already had at the house. I used my cutting mat, a box cutter, and a measuring tape to cut the board to the correct size. Then I simply put the cork pieces in the frame and then hung (ok my husband hung) the frames in the kitchen. The frames can either be hung horizontally or vertically so I can change them to meet the needs of the current masterpiece!