Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spooky Spider Ice Cubes

I was looking for something super easy that would entertain the kids for a bit.  They love to mix and cook but I am not always up for the mess.  I decided I could deal with a little spilled water because that is an easy clean up.  These ice cubes entertained Nathan and his friend for a long time.  I had the boys use tongs to place the spiders in the ice cube trays to help them work on their fine motor skills.  Then I let them fill their measuring cups with water from the refrigerator door (which was exciting for them...sometimes it's the little things that make them happy)  They had to very carefully walk it back to their seats and pour it in.  It took them a couple of tries (and towels) but t hey learned to pour slowly so it didn't over flow.  Then we place them in the freezer.  Our friend was coming over the next day too so we left the water alone over night to let it freeze.  The next day they were excited to serve their spooky drinks to Nathan's grandma.  I showed them how to break apart the ice and gave them each a large bowl to play with.  They first tried to melt them with their hands.  We had a race to see who could melt it the fastest.  Then we compared how fast ice cubes melted with cold water vs hot water.  It was a fun little experiment with out a lot of mess!!

  • Plastic Spider Rings
  • Ice Cube Trays
They were concentrating.
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