Saturday, November 16, 2013

Be Our Guest Review

Be Our Guest is the newest Table Service Restaurant to open inside of Disney's Magic Kingdom.  It is located in the new Fantasyland inside of the Beast's Castle.  There are three dining rooms:  the West Wing, Belle's Library, and the two-story Ballroom.  The restaurant is open as a Quick Service restaurant for Lunch and then at 4:30 pm it switched to a table service restaurant.  Reservations are recommended and due to the newness and high demand of this restaurant the reservations are very difficult to get.  If you are staying at the Disney Resort you can make dining reservations at 180 days prior to arrival.

We didn't book our latest trip to Disney World very far in advance so I didn't have the ability to jump on at 180 days out and try to snag one of the very few dining reservations available.  I had checked a few different times for reservations, but had no luck.  About a week before we were scheduled to arrive I decided to check one more time.  To my amazement there was two time slots available.  I selected 5:00 pm.  My children like to eat dinner early and I figured that we could just grab a Mickey pretzel if we got hungry later.

We arrived at the Beast's Castle about 5 minutes before our reservation.  Stroller parking is available just before the bridge to the castle and is very convenient.  We checked in and they gave us a pager and told us to wait on the bridge.  It was a very pretty view with lots to look at.  The detail is amazing.  The stain glass windows were beautiful.
We only waited a few minutes before our pager started to buzz and blink.  They greeted us with "Bonjour" and escorted us to our table.  We were seated in the Main Ballroom right next to the window.  The window gave the illusion that it was snowing outside which completely amazed my kids.  We were all in awe over the decor and grandness of the restaurant.  It was quite large, but was not loud or crowded.  Besides the snow, the giant chandeliers and ceiling were my favorite part of the main ball room.
I had looked over the menu before we arrived because I wanted to make sure that the French cuisine was a good match for my family.  Our server politely greeted us and took our drink order.  He also told us that Be Our Guest is the only place in Magic Kingdom where you can get an adult beverage.  He then let us look over the wine and beer list.  We chose not to get an adult beverage, it had been a long day and I really just needed some caffeine if I was going to make it to Wishes Fireworks.  When he came back, I explained to him that my children were very picky and he gave us suggestions for both us and the children.  He didn't tell us to avoid the children's meatloaf, but he did name the kids' options and told us we should pick from the the first suggestions.  We all smiled and took the hint.  So even though we didn't personally order the meatloaf, I feel I should pass along that info just in case your server is not as honest.  Here is a link to the dinner menu.

As I said before, my kids are picky.  Both of my kids ordered the same thing- Grilled Chicken Breast with macaroni, marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.  Both of them got the sauce and cheese on the side.  One kid ate the macaroni with a little sauce on it and the other ate the macaroni with the cheese sprinkled on top.  Both of the kids like the chicken.  The kids' meals both came with a side of broccoli.  My oldest actually tried it!! For the FIRST time EVER he ate broccoli.  He said it was okay, but the fact that he even tried it made the ENTIRE meal a HUGE success for me!  If you can't tell, I was VERY proud.

There were a couple of items on the menu that Scott and I were interested in, but we both went with the server's recommendation of Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops.  It was very good.  The shrimp and scallops were amazing, but I wasn't crazy about the puff pastry that it was served in.  The menu also describes it as served in a creamy lobster sauce, that is not the way I would have described it.  Frankly, I am not sure how to describe it, but it was not creamy in taste or color.  However, you describe it the shrimp and scallops were great, I just felt that it would have been better served with rice or potatoes.

The kids' meals all come with dessert and my husband and I couldn't pass it up.  The options on the dessert cart all looked fantastic!!!
Our server brought the cart right to the table, explained each one, and let us choose are favorite.  My husband chose the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake, my youngest chose the Triple Chocolate Cupcake and the rest of us chose the "Grey Stuff" and it's delicious!
The Grey Stuff is now permanently on the menu, before you could only get it for special occasions.  The Grey Stuff was really good, but the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake was OH SO GOOD!  I will get it for sure next time.

After dinner you are welcomed to look around the restaurant and other dining rooms.  The picture to the right is in Belle's Library.  I don't have any pictures but the West Wing is a dimly lit, mysterious room where the rose can be found.

 A couple times during dinner the Beast was formally introduced and made a grand entrance as he walks through all of the dining rooms.  When you are all finished with your meal you can meet the Beast and take a few pictures.  These pictures are not available for direct purchase but can be loaded onto your photopass or Magic Band.  The picture below was taken with our camera FREE of charge.
Disney lists this restaurant as $$ meaning the entrees are from 14.99 to 29.99 for adults, however, there is a steak on the menu that is $32.99.  Our waiter did tell us that the steak is the #1 seller on the menu.  I am not sure if that is because it is so delicious or because it is the most "normal" thing on the menu.  We did not use the dining plan for this trip, we purchased the Tables in Wonderland discount card (I will explain more on that in another post).  The card saves you 20% on your entire check. Our original total was $89.38 to $71.50.  This was our most expensive meal of the trip.  The ambiance, theme, food, and service all contributed to it being well worth the cost.  

People have been asking me two questions 1. Will I go back? and 2. Will I get the same food again?  Yes, I will go back but not right away.  I have lots of places that I want to dine.  My entree was good enough to get again, but not good enough to go there for specifically.  I am sure that the kids would get the same thing again.  The desserts were all good (yes, I tasted all the ones that we ordered), and I would definitely get the Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcake again.  I might even try to get one to go!!!

When we left it was dark outside and I took this photo of Beast's Castle all lit up.  

Our family of 4 ate there in November of 2013

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