Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did You Know that You Can Mail a Coconut from Disney World?

My dad has worked for the United States Post Office for over 30 years and I had NO idea that you could mail things besides envelops and packages.  When I read online that you could mail a coconut from Walt Disney World I knew I had to add it to my bucket list.  On our most recent trip we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  In the gift shop at Old Port Royale they sell postcard coconuts.  And when I say coconut I mean a REAL coconut.  It does not require any additional packaging or box, it gets shipped as just a whole coconut.  On one side it has a cute "Greetings from Disney World" picture and the other side is painted white rectangle with a place to write your message and addresses.
 My oldest son wanted to bring souvenirs back for his class.  Instead, we decided to mail the class a coconut.  It wasn't cheap, but at $20 with shipping included I thought that the novelty of it would give the class a thrill!  The resort provided the marker to write your message and mailed it for us!  After returning home, I asked my dad about mailing crazy things and he told me that there are lots of things that you can mail without boxes or packages.  Next time I might try a Flip Flop sandal!

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