Monday, November 4, 2013

My 6 Favorite Free Fonts

I am always doing some sort of digital project, so I am a font junkie. I mean I love the stuff. I sit in bed at night looking at pinterest on my phone trying to find my favorite new font. I download so many I forget the name of the font before I even go to use it, which causes me to have to scroll through my hundreds of fonts to try and find the fabulous new one I just downloaded! Anyway, I like different elements in fonts and I have compiled my 6 favorite and most used fonts.

1. Clicker Script- this is a very nice script font that isn't too slanted or over the top. It's how I wanted my cursive handwriting to look when I was a teenager. Makes a great font for wedding crafts.

2. KG Call me Maybe- I can;t look at this font without the song coming into my head. It doesn't make sense, but this font totally fits that song- young, hip, trendy and fun.

3. Janda Cheerful Script- this is another of my favorite script fonts. It has a slight slant to it but with some cute whimsical touches that don't make it too stuffy. Another one of my favorites for wedding crafts. Janda Celebration Script is an honorable mention... it would have taken the place of the cheerful script except that I'm not crazy about all of the characters.

4. Penelope Anne- this is an all caps font and one of the thinnest fonts you can find. I really like a thin font. Reminds me of writing with a really sharp pencil. Mix this font with a cute script and you have a cute combination.

5. A Gentle Touch- this one reminds me of my actual cursive handwriting when I was a teen. Seeing it makes me picture all of those notes I wrote in high school to friends and boyfriends, or just the doodles I did in the margins of my papers. I loved seeing my own handwriting, must be why I'm a font junkie now.

6. Quicksand Light- this is an even thinner font than Penelope Anne and I love it. It's simple and straightforward. Another newly sharpened pencil font.

There you go... my favorite fonts (at least right now). To download just click on the font name above to be taken to the download link. Thanks!

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