Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update on My 2013 Disney World Bucket List

I think that we did a pretty darn good job of crossing things off of our list.  Remember this was not my MUST do Bucket List of things to do at Disney World, this was our to do list for this trip. Click here for the original post.  Some of the things on the list are Must Do's, but others are things I recommend you try if you have enough time.  We were extremely lucky that we got to spend 8 days park hopping.  Having those extra days gave us time to enjoy the smaller things, relax, and take in all the magic!

Here is the list of the things that we were able to cross off the list.  11 out of 13 isn't bad!
  1.  Ride Test Track-  The last time we were there is was closed for refurbishment.  This time is was open and much better than before.  We got to design our own test car, which we loaded onto our Magic Bands (you could also you Key to the World or Park Ticket), then our car was put up against other cars including the test car.  After we went on the ride, we were able to use our car (from our Magic Band) to make commercials and do additional driving.
  2. Mail a Coconut from Caribbean Beach Resort.  We mailed two coconuts.  One to the other Magical Mom and her family and one to my oldest son's class.  It was easy and they mail it for you right from the gift shop!
  3. Go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party-  As always the Disney didn't disappoint!  We had so much fun watching the special shows, parades, and dancing with the characters at the dance parties!
  4. Take the kids to Illuminations- I think I can only give us a half check mark.  I say that because the kids actually fell asleep during the fireworks!  I guess we will have to try it again next time.   
  5. See the Jammin' Jingle Parade- Animal Kingdom changes up their daily parade during the holiday season.  We saw it on the first day it was performed this year!
  6. Go to Tom Sawyer Island.  We took the raft (boat) to the island and went exploring.  It was a great time for my boys.  It gave them a chance to run around and get out some energy.
  7. Captain EO- This is not on my must do list, but I am glad that I saw it.  It was nothing like I expected.  My oldest son (7) really enjoyed it, but my younger one (4) was a little frightened by it.  
  8. Watch Festival of the Lion King Show-  We all really enjoyed this show.  The acrobatics really captured the kiddos attention.  I would go see it again, but I want to see some other shows first.
  9. Flag Ceremony at Magic Kingdom- I was really nervous about how we were going to see this because dropping everything and going all the way to the front of the park can be a lot of work.  On our arrival day we actually walked into the Magic Kingdom at 4:50 so we were in the perfect spot to see it.  It was a great way to start our trip.
  10. Rope Drop at Magic Kingdom- WE DID IT!  The show along with the arrival of the characters is so sweet.  It prepared us for the MAGICAL day we were about to have.
  11. Star Tours-  We rode this one over and over and over again!!!  My boys could not get enough of it.  The ride experience changes every time so we never had the same combination.

    As I said before we are going to have to carry over the two things that we didn't get to do.  I am sure that we will come up with lots of others to add to our 2014 Bucket List too!
    1. Go to the campfire and make s'mores at Caribbean Beach Resort- The campfire happens every evening, but it was from 5-6pm and the time slot just didn't work for us.  I guess this will stay on the list too.
    2. Find DiVine- We only went to Animal Kingdom one day this trip and she was not on the times guide.  We had a lot to do so I didn't get a chance to ask anyone where to find her.  This will carry over to my next list for sure.
    Remember, there is so much to see and do, that you can't do it all even if you stayed for 2 weeks.  Enjoy what you do get to see and experience and you will have a perfect vacation!
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