Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Best Place to Rent a Stroller for Disney World

Sometimes you just have to take a nap
The fact that my kids have never really loved to ride in a stroller made me think that I wouldn't need a stroller for them.  After talking to a few friends, I realized that there was NO way they were going to be able to walk as much as I would be asking them too.  The last 4 times we have went to Walt Disney World we have rented a stroller from the same company -Kingdom Strollers.  I chose them based on a couple of factors including price, selection, and a recommendation from a friend.

If you plan on using a stroller while at Disney World, do yourself a favor and DO NOT rent one from the parks directly.  There are not too many things at Disney World that I criticize, but their strollers are at the top of the list.  They are hard pieces of plastic (see picture to the right) and they are very expensive.  Another drawback of WDW strollers is that you can only use them inside the parks, in other words you can not take them to Downtown Disney, other parks, or even to your resort.  The WDW strollers are a lot more expensive than Kingdom Strollers.  Here is a link to WDW Stroller Rental so you can see the prices.
A couple of months ago Disney changed their policy about having strollers delivered to their resorts.  They now only allow a couple of trusted companies to provide this service.  Kingdom Strollers is on that list.  They will drop off and pick up the stroller from the Disney resort (and lots of others be sure to check out the list) of your choice and you specify the time and date.  The delivery is free of charge.  They deliver to resort and Bell Services will hold it for you until you arrive.  They label the stroller with your family name, but I recommend that you bring a bright colored piece of ribbon to tie to the handle.  There are TONS of strollers and looking for yours can be difficult especially since it isn't yours and you might forget what it looks like:)

Kingdom Strollers offers both single and double strollers as well as other baby gear such as cribs.  They will also deliver cases of water to your resort as well.  Included in the stroller rental fee is a small cooler and rain cover both of which come in very handy.

A couple of trips ago, a friend of ours decided after one day at the park that they needed something more than just the umbrella stroller that they brought with them, so at 7 pm they ordered a double stroller for the following day from Kingdom Strollers.  It was delivered by 8 am.

Kingdom Strollers also offers a FREE rain guard, just check the box!!!

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