Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monster Tooth Pillow

I am not sure who was more nervous about today's trip to the dentist Me or Evan.  Evan had to have two of his baby teeth pulled because they were not loose at all!  It was quick and easy.  He didn't cry, but the same can not be said for me.  I had tears forming in my eyes, but held them back.  These were the first teeth that my first born (almost 7) has lost. It was  bittersweet moment.  I am sad to see him growing up so fast, but I LOVE watching him change into a big kid!

I have been waiting for over a year for him to lose a tooth because I made him this cute Monster Tooth Pillow.  The long thread blog gives an excellent easy to follow tutorial.  She has included the pattern and supply list.  I purchased all the supplies for less than $5.  It would have cost even less if I would have had any left over polyfill.

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