Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FREE DIY Monthly Baby Printables

These are super cute and FREE! I love all the cute pictures I see of babies wearing onesies or shirts that say how many months old they are. Instead of buying them, why not do it yourself? These free printables allow you to do just that!

I have included boy and girl designs, from 1 month all the way up to one year. There are 4 monthly circles on each file. The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Right click on the image you want, and select "save as picture." Save the picture to a file that you will remember on your computer.
  2. Buy onesies or T-Shirts from Wal-mart or Target. You will need to buy T-Shirt Transfer/Iron-on paper from a craft store. Here is a link to Avery's T-Shirt Transfer Paper.
  3. Load the paper into your printer following the directions included in the package.
  4. Locate the file and "open." It will open on your computer as a picture.
  5. Select "print." When your specific printer dialogue box opens, be sure to uncheck any boxes that might say "fit to frame." Print as a full page or 8x10 photo. Hopefully your printer shows a preview so you can ensure the entire image will print correctly.
  6. After printing, follow the instructions in the paper package for transferring the image to your shirts.
Ta da! Now you have boutique looking shirts for your baby to commemorate each milestone, but at a fraction of the cost! Take a picture of your darling baby wearing at each monthly milestone and purchase our Customized Facebook Cover Image to show off your little one!

Keep checking back, as I am planning on adding cute designs with a tie, mustache, animals, etc. I'm also going to do some for 1 year, 2 years, etc.


Boy Prints:

Girl Prints:

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